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Is "pile" an essential consideration with carpet?

Pile is one of the most important things to consider when you choose your carpet flooring. Pile is a term used to describe the fiber that makes up your floor's surface.

Discuss pile; you'll hear density, height, and face weight terms. And each one helps to create the look and experience you want and need from this material.

Why does pile matter?

You first find the carpet fiber in the pile, with various fibers to choose from. Some are softer, shorter, longer, and more durable than others.

Pile also caters to the lifespan and durability of the flooring. These add-ons can mean a lot to parents, pet owners, and their carpet in Syracuse, NY.

But the pile composition and makeup matter most when discussing it. And these features are essential to find out about as you shop.

Words you should know

Pile height describes the length of the fiber from the backing to the top. Choices like shag or Frieze are more extended, while Berber features a shorter pile.

The pile density describes how tightly packed the fibers are over a specific carpet space. These are usually measured in ounces per cubic yard.

Face weight is like density, with higher numbers pointing to a higher quality carpet flooring. And we can tell you even more about these terms when you visit our showroom.

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