Luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring in Syracuse, NY from Onondaga Flooring

Live near bodies of water? Consider luxury vinyl flooring!

If you live near bodies of water, there are several reasons to consider luxury vinyl flooring. And each of them will serve you well, especially over time.

With the benefits of this flooring line, you can easily floor every room in your home. We'll give you details about flooring options you won't want to miss.

Humidity in the air can cause problems

Even with luxury vinyl flooring, large amounts of humidity can cause flooring issues. Warping, buckling, and wrinkling are all problems that can come up through humidity.

In these spaces, acclimating your flooring could be a great decision. For vinyl, the acclimation process takes about 48 to 72 hours, depending on the waterproof vinyl humidity level.

Spills, leaks, and wet footprints are also problematic

When you have pets or children, you know that accidents happen in every room. And some floors take it harder than others.

You'll see no damage with luxury vinyl flooring because it's 100% waterproof, no matter where it's placed. You'll enjoy the benefits in every room for no reason but peace of mind.

Enjoy the best protection and performance

You will have little to worry about when choosing a material like this. Instead, you can enjoy the luxury vinyl flooring visuals and performance for up to 20 years or more. 

Over time, you'll save money because you won't have to replace your flooring often. And with a trendy choice, you'll stay current too.

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