Carpet in Syracuse, NY from Onondaga Flooring

Active household? Tips for choosing carpet

What do you do if you want carpet flooring but have a busy household? The good news is that these floors are more durable than ever, so they're perfect for your active home.

We have some tips for choosing the perfect floors, even for your busiest spaces. So, take time to find out more about them before starting your shopping.

Tip #1: Choose the proper fiber

Some fibers offer a natural resistance to wear and stains, like nylon and polyester. But others work hard for even the most active families.

Built-in stain protection is available in various brands at our carpet flooring store. And it means you'll have a better-looking floor, even with pets in the home.

These fibers work well in children's rooms, hallways, and dining rooms. And you'll get personalized assessments when you tell us what you need in your home.

Tip #2: Choose the right trend

Some trends are more suited for your home than others. For example, you should know that carpet tiles are an option for residential areas and commercial.

Other trends work well to combine various options for a great final product. Finally, we'll compare your needs with carpet flooring characteristics for a perfect fit.

Tip #3: Never skip the professional installation

Choosing a professional installation means all your manufacturer's warranties will remain valid. And it gives you the peace of mind you deserve after such a formidable investment.

Choose our carpet flooring store

Onondaga Flooring offers the best carpet in Syracuse, NY, with all the services that go with them. When you're ready to shop, our associates will come alongside you from start to finish.

We cater to Syracuse, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Clay, and Cicero, NY. And our showroom is located in Syracuse, NY.

Be sure to visit us when you're ready for the perfect carpet flooring for your busy home. We'll make sure you find everything you need and more.