Luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring in Syracuse, NY from Onondaga Flooring

Benefits of luxury vinyl and waterproof products

When waterproof flooring is essential, luxury vinyl flooring is always the best choice. These products are entirely impervious to water for perfect surfaces in bathrooms, foyers, kitchens, and children's rooms, to name a few great spaces.

It is a great time to learn more if you've never considered combining all the best benefits. With these flooring materials, you'll find an outstanding result, no matter how large or small your remodel is.

Why luxury vinyl for your waterproof needs?

Luxury vinyl is constructed in layers, with each layer offering impressive benefits to the whole piece. Vinyl is naturally waterproof, but the core layers of waterproof vinyl flooring offer even more protection against all water damage.

Luxury vinyl flooring also supplies outstanding durability against wear, giving them a longer lifespan of up to 20 years. That means you'll have more time to enjoy natural waterproof properties in every room.

What else can you expect from luxury vinyl flooring?

Wear resistance is available thanks to wearing and protection topcoats that guard against scratches, scuffs, stains, gouges, and dents. You can even personalize your specific protection level to ensure the best results.

Thicker wear layers mean more protection for the waterproof vinyl flooring image layer beneath it. And thicker topcoats mean your floors can withstand more daily wear, child’s play, and pet nails.

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