Can luxury vinyl flooring look like tile?

Can luxury vinyl flooring look like tile?

If you're interested in tile flooring for a bathroom, kitchen, or other space in your home, you can choose from various materials, including luxury vinyl. This type of tile, which resists stains and abrasion, requires no maintenance beyond routine cleaning and periodic deep cleaning. In addition, waterproof brands handle moisture very well. Even after prolonged exposure to water, there is no warping or peeling. Onondaga Flooring carries a large selection of luxury vinyl flooring and has a customer-friendly 20,000 square foot warehouse showroom in Syracuse, New York.


Multiple-layer luxury vinyl plank flooring imitates many different hardwood species. However, LVP has a 'competitor' in the marketplace. Wood-look LVT has a plank-like appearance. The rectangular tiles are smaller than planks, making the tiles ideal for floor layout patterns like herringbone and basketweave. All luxury vinyl flooring has the same composition, including an image layer protected by a surface wear layer.

Stone look

Stone look LVT, like wood-look LVT, is created with advanced digital print technology. The most authentic brands employ embossing techniques to create texture, so tiles feel like the materials they mimic. Stone look tiles come in sizes that range from 2-inch mosaic to large format. Slate, marble, travertine, and granite are a few of the trendy stones. Some tiles are attached to the subfloor with an adhesive, while others are designed to float above the subfloor.

Family-owned Onondaga Flooring's online catalog is extensive, and therefore, it's a good starting point for your luxury vinyl tile upgrade. We have brought top-quality flooring and related services to central New York for over 50 years, including free estimates. Onondaga Flooring is well known in Onondaga County, including Clay, Cicero, Liverpool, and Baldwinsville. Our installers are industry-trained professionals who are ready to complete all types of LVT installations.