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Carpet and stains don’t mix: What to do?

Homeowners may avoid carpet in Syracuse, NY because they think stains will be a big problem. Stains are especially a big issue for parents and pet owners who know that messes often happen when least expected.

But the good news is that there are plenty of choices if this is your situation. So, here are some options for ensuring stains will never be an issue for you.

Stain resistance is key

The best choice for peace of mind against stains and odors is a floor covering with built-in protection. Many brands offer products with this vital feature, and carpet flooring could be a perfect addition to your home.

These carpets also offer warranties to match their claims, with pet-specific protection for complete peace of mind. You'll want to learn more about these options if you're a parent or pet owner.

Some floors bring natural resistance to stains

Polyester has always offered impressive stain resistance, as liquids don't soak into the fibers. But be sure to reserve these floors in areas that aren't highly traveled.

The flooring tends to crush under heavy wear, so it’s best used in spaces where traffic is light. But this carpet flooring offers vibrant colors that are stunning with many décor choices.

If you need more information about wear, stains, and cleaning, speak with a flooring professional while you're here. We'll help you find the perfect materials for every room in your home.

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