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Do synthetic and natural carpet fibers perform differently?

You'll notice the fiber options as you shop for the best carpet flooring. You'll find both natural and synthetic options; yes, they perform in different ways.

The more you know about your flooring of choice, the better your results will be. You want flooring that works for you, and everyone has an option.

Natural fiber facts

Natural fibers can balance humidity, neutralize some odors, and reduce indoor air pollutants. Most are warmer than other materials, sourced from renewable materials.

Depending on the natural material, some are more durable than others. And always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your carpet flooring.

Synthetic fiber facts

Because synthetic fibers feature manufactured materials, certain features are built-in. So, for example, you might find them with impressive resilience and stain, abrasion, and mildew resistance.

Some have stain and odor resistance built into the fibers that cater to pet owners. And the visuals offer a decor match for every homeowner.

Knowing which one is for you

Once you learn the difference between fiber types, it's time to choose your best fit. Be sure to compare your list of requirements with the advantages you find.

For some, natural fibers are a total carpet flooring package. But for others, only synthetic options will do.

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