Carpet flooring in Syracuse, NY from Onondaga Flooring

How to increase your carpet’s lifespan

When properly maintained, and depending on quality, carpet flooring can last 20 years or more.  We know someone whose carpet lasted 23 years, and she had a dog! Here are some tips for increasing your rug's longevity but don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about selecting carpet in Syracuse, NY.

Assess your needs before you start to shop

This might seem basic, but too many people get distracted by all those "bright shiny objects," meaning the colors, design, and patterns; after all, when you come into our carpet flooring store, you’ll see hundreds of samples, all from different mills.

It’s not uncommon for someone to also see something in a neighbor’s house that looks gorgeous, but keep in mind that someone else’s needs might be very different from yours.

Consider your family size, any extra durability or stain resistance needs, and room use. If you get the wrong type of rug for your needs, both performance and longevity will suffer.

Buy the best your wallet allows

As the old (but true) cliche goes, "Shop for quality, not price." Examine your finances thoroughly and consider everything, including padding, installation, adhesives, upkeep. If your budget is a certain amount, earmark that and use it. Don't get distracted by lower prices which often end up as lesser quality.

Employ routine care

Wipe spills immediately, so stains don't set. Vacuum regularly removes surface dirt and puts mats at entrances, so people wipe their feet and don't drag in mud, moisture, and other debris.

Get professional deep cleaning regularly

This enhances longevity because dirt and sand can fray the yarns.  A dirty rug will also appear dull and matted; at the same time, vacuuming is very effective at getting the surface dirt, pollutants, and particles will remain trapped in the fibers, and the only way to remove them is to scrub with deep cleaning.

We believe that shopping for carpet should be fun and stressless. So come into Onondaga Flooring to explore our inventory which includes carpet from such well-known brands as Masland, Karastan, Mohawk, and Dixie Home; also learn about our services, such as quality residential and commercial installations; design consultations, and free quotes. If you live or work in or around Syracuse, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Clay, or Cicero, visit our showroom in Syracuse.