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Luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring trends

As you search for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring, you’ll find plenty of benefits that will serve your remodeling needs. You may even find out about options and characteristics that are new to you.

We’re here to ensure you find what you need for the most successful upgrade in every room. Here are some trends that might serve your needs best.

Wood-look products

One of the most sought-after trends in this product line is wood-look features that highlight texture, color, and grain patterns. It's a great addition to décor schemes like farmhouse, rustic, or modern.

These waterproof vinyl flooring options bring all the beautiful visuals of wood floors with faster installation and more specific maintenance requirements. And they’ll last up to 20 years with professional installation and regular care.

Stone-look luxury vinyl flooring

Like wood-look products, the stone look is popular and stylish in various settings, including formal areas like home offices and dining rooms. In addition, you can add stone textures and colors; your guests may never know they're not walking on the real thing.

These visuals fit various interior design needs, with colors that can be exciting or neutral. In addition, luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for resisting scratches, scuffs, stains, and dents, especially in homes with pets or children.

If you have more questions about waterproof vinyl flooring, speak with an associate while you're here. We have the answers you need today.

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