Onondaga Flooring Offers a Diverse Selection of Beautiful Area Rugs at Very Reasonable Cost

Area rugs represent a colorful and affordable way to make any room more appealing. They can add additional comfort to hardwood floors and complement your existing interior décor. If you haven’t yet seen today’s new area rugs from leading manufacturers, you will be astounded by the many options that are currently available. You will also find that Onondaga Flooring has very well-known and respected assortment of brand name area rugs in a diverse collection of styles at extremely reasonable prices. These are area rugs fabricated by top-of-the line companies such as Karastan and many others. They are available in a number of different sizes and shapes to enhance the interior decor and of any room in your home. It doesn’t make any difference whether you want a small area rug for your home’s entranceways, or a far larger floor area rug for your living room; you will surely be able to find a new area rug that will suit your need.

 Modern Area Rugs are a Far Cry from Yesterday’s

When you start to think about area rugs, you’ll likely think back to the oriental rugs or old welcome mats by yesterday’s doors. While these old floor coverings once were little more than a passing thought, today’s evolved styles and designs are the outgrowth of new manufacturing technologies that have brought them into twenty-first century homes. Today, area rugs find use for many different purposes. You can enjoy additional comfort at a truly reasonable price. There are many important benefits that you’ll have with new area rugs including additional comfort for your family, protection for hardwood floors and unexpected styles, textures and bright colors that let area rugs make an exciting new decorative and functional addition to any room in your home.

​Moreover, with area rugs, you can always relocate them if you change your mind about where they look best by just picking them up and putting them anywhere else in the same room or elsewhere in your home.
If you would like more details about area rugs from leading manufacturers such as Karastan, Karndean, Mohawk and others, phone us, email us or merely stop in at one of our showrooms in Syracuse or Clay, New York, to discuss your interest in area rugs and view product samples with one of our knowledgeable and friendly flooring specialists.