Luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring in Syracuse, NY from Onondaga Flooring

Three FAQs about luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring

Choosing waterproof vinyl flooring could offer your best possible flooring experience. These materials are impressive in visuals, performance alike, and so much more.

You could find your best match by considering all the benefits these floors offer. And here are three questions and answers for your consideration.

Consider these facts before you shop

1. Is luxury vinyl waterproof?
Yes, these floors offer 100% waterproof protection to meet your standards. Even in flood conditions, these floors will keep on going.

These floors are an excellent choice for any space with dampness and humidity. And luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for parents and pet owners too.

2. What looks can I get in waterproof flooring?
The visual options are nearly endless with this product line. You'll find materials that mimic natural stone, wood, and porcelain tile.

Choose from a wealth of colors, designs, and formats. There's sure to be one that meets your needs.

3. How long will waterproof floors last?
With professional installation, these materials could give you more than 20 years. However, regular care helps them reach this marker as well.

You can also get more service by choosing more durable waterproof vinyl flooring options. Consider a thicker flooring or wear layer, especially in busy areas.

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