Waterproof flooring in Syracuse, NY from Onondaga Flooring

Three tips for choosing waterproof flooring

Choose waterproof vinyl flooring if you have rooms where water damage could be a threat. These floors give you the best results, no matter your specific needs.

You'll find impressive visuals, outstanding durability, and an excellent lifespan. Here are three tips for choosing waterproof flooring that will serve you well.

1. Match your need with the flooring requirements

Some homeowners need lots of protection and need waterproof vinyl flooring throughout the home. From bathrooms to bedrooms, this creates complete peace of mind you can believe in.

Other homeowners only need protection in specific places, such as kitchens and bathrooms. They still get the same peace of mind, knowing their luxury vinyl flooring needs are covered.

2. Choose a visual that fits your decor

Decor matching options are easy to find in this flooring line. Luxury vinyl flooring mimics natural wood, stone, and tile, with all the colors you need.

You'll also find unique textures, formats, and installation layouts. And they all come together to meet your specific needs.

3. Choose professional installation for your chosen material

Professional installation is the best way to protect your investment and ensure excellent results. You won't have to worry about placement or voided warranties as long as your waterproof vinyl floors are in place.

Once you choose your materials, we'll give you all the installation information. And if you have questions, this is a great time to ask.

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