What Do Area Rugs and Young Home Buyers Have in Common?

It may surprise some people but more young people are buying homes in areas such as Syracuse, NY than we might imagine, and these young buyers are adding value to their homes by incorporating design features such as area rugs, inexpensive furniture, and colorful wall hangings. There are some good reasons that millennials are buying in areas such as Syracuse, NY and a good article that details these reasons shared the following:
“Millennials like the urban environment and in the hot markets like San Francisco and New York, they are priced out of the market. Not all urban areas are bad, however - take a look at Houston, Syracuse, and Baton Rouge. Are the builders responding? Or can they, given land, labor, and materials shortages?”

Source: Mortgage News Daily, <a href="http://www.mortgagenewsdaily.com/channels/pipelinepress/10272015-home-building-trends.aspx">30-Year Old Buys Home - Millennial Spokesperson Asks, "Can You Stop Talking About us Now?"</a> by Rob Chrisman.
It is no secret that home prices in many parts of the US are too high for younger buyers who are just starting out. When they can find homes that are priced right, and close to urban centers, they buy. And after they buy, they furnish their homes with affordable furnishings such as area rugs that can liven up any room. Area rugs can be purchased in all price ranges, come in huge variety of sizes, patterns, and materials, and they truly do provide beauty to any space at a reasonable cost.

With all of this in mind, Syracuse homeowners should not be too surprised if they find their new neighbors are younger. This is a positive step as younger homeowners bring new life and vitality to a neighborhood. And don't be surprised if you see them carrying in new area rugs and other items that you, too, can bring into your home.

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