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What is the best carpet for high traffic areas?

High-traffic areas are not even considered for carpet placement for many homeowners, but we have some information that could change everything. Not only are these materials an excellent choice for active spaces, but we can tell you which ones are best for this use as you read along with today's post.

Take your time choosing a superb carpet

There are so many options, appearances, and benefits found in the carpet flooring line; it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed with choices. When you have specific requirements in place, we guide you toward only those materials that meet your need.

We tell those looking for a product for high-traffic areas to consider nylon or polyester first. Nylon is one of the strongest and most durable, while polyester has exceptional stain protection that can earn its keep quickly.

If you need something that offers even more protection, ask about brands like SmartStrand that add stain protection and crush resistance into the very fibers of the flooring for excellent lifespan and performance, especially over time. Then, when you're ready to floor your active areas, we'll make sure you find the products that last the longest.

Consider our carpet flooring store

If you need impressive carpet in Syracuse, NY, Onondaga Flooring can provide materials and services that come together perfectly for your busy lifestyle. We'll talk with you about your preferences and requirements and work to ensure the most successful results for every room in your home, regardless of remodeling size.

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