What luxury vinyl flooring patterns are trending?

What luxury vinyl flooring patterns are trending?

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are outstanding choices when you need an excellent floor covering. They're durable and long-lasting but also offer impressive visuals to match any décor.

Trending patterns are all the rage in this product line, and you’ll want the most popular options. Here are some pattern choices that will serve you during your remodel.

Geometric shapes for tile visuals

Geometric patterns are a big deal, pointing back to the classic elegance of various tile products. Stunning visuals and patterns offer a beautiful addition to bathrooms and kitchens, where creativity is always acceptable.

One of the most popular LVT flooring shapes is the hexagon, which creates a beautiful and exciting visual. Choose a product with the shape already built into the flooring for the best results.

Herringbone installation layout

This pattern works with plank arrangement during installation, attaching the boards at 90-degree angles. For luxury vinyl, the shape adds stunning beauty and even makes the room look larger.

The extra visual interest is a fantastic way to incorporate it into your designs in any room. For example, it could be just the touch you need to add a bit of boldness and intrigue with beautiful LVP flooring pieces.

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