Will Co-Living Model Take Hold in Syracuse NY?

​It seems that people, especially younger people, are always looking for new ways to live. Something that combines the old “commune” way of living with small apartments seems to be taking off. Or, at least, may take off. It is called co-living, and it has nothing to do with couples living together the way we usually think of “co-living”. By adding personal touches such as area rugs, hip lamps, and other items, young people are able to turn a tiny space into a living space.
A recent story brought this new way of living to light:

“In Syracuse, New York — not exactly a hotbed of activity like London — Commonspace is offering an interesting mix of public and private...Tenants get a micro-apartment that includes a tiny kitchenette and private bathroom, but just outside your apartment door, there's a large common living area and a big communal kitchen. This is perhaps the best compromise — 300 square feet of private space with optional shared resources.”

Source: MNN, <a href="http://www.mnn.com/your-home/remodeling-design/blogs/co-living-hipster-commune-dorm-grown-ups-or-new-model-sharing">Co-living: Is it a hipster commune, a dorm for grown-ups or a new model of sharing?</a> by  Lloyd Alter.
​When people, regardless of age, want to make a space their own, they often use area rugs, including Karastan area rugs, which can turn any room into a special place. This can be important for those who want to add something unique to show off their personality. As one might imagine, when working with small spaces, options are limited. It would be futile to try to add something large into a small room, and this makes using items such as area rugs a very good option.

One of the many reasons so many people consider area rugs is that these rugs come in a whole variety of sizes and shapes. From small area rugs that one can use at entryways, to larger, nearly room-sized area rugs, there is something to fit any need.

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